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If you loved Judy Garland "Live at Carnegie",


Steeped in the atmosphere of the 30's and 40's with surprises around every turn, this performance promises to be a winner!

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"I'll be Home for Christmas"

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Dedicated to our troops around the world, "I'll be Home for Christmas" was met with rave reviews and multiple requests from families with loved ones serving in Iraq/Afganistan and around the world.

According to one industry Producer: "Arianna's voice is to silk, what Dino's was to smooth".


Artist Bio: Arianna

Born in Mongrassano, Cozenza, in Calbria Italy, Arianna was brought to the United States at the age of 3.

Her musical influences range from Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland to Al Jolson. The greatest influence of course being Arianna's Great Grandmother, Italian Opera Virtuoso, Maria Fischetto.
 By age 17, working with Revelation Records, Arianna opened for Gospel Great Andre Crouch, at Madison Square Garden. From radio and television voice-overs, to USO Tours and special appearances which include several performances for President’s Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, Arianna’s accomplishments are exceeded only by her talent.
Throughout her career, Arianna has recorded with some of the music industries finest talents including arranger Dean Krause and Grammy award winning producer Douglas Stegmeyer.
From set and costume design to song and script writing, the extent of Arianna’s creativity is limitless.
A self-taught entertainer, Arianna chose her mentors wisely. For costume and set design, Erte’ and the Art Deco Era were her muses and her entrances evoke the extravagant styling of the unforgettable… Liberace’.
Although not classically trained in dance, Arianna's performances present an original combination of style and elegance with a touch of comedic satire. While her influences here are clearly, Danny Kaye and Carol Burnette, her audiences are always pleasantly surprised and fascinated by her ability to pull them into the show as thought they were part of the original cast.

The Musicals of the 30’s and 40’s are treasured and beloved by all. Set in our minds as a time of glamour and style, when tuxedos, top hats and canes were the norm, and the Ziegfeld Follies were the talk of the town.
The Musical Comedy “Remembering an Era”, is unique in its presentation, lending itself to classic elegance in costume design and staging. Mixing old-world charm and hi-tech multimedia effects, the combination creates an unceasing flow of song, dance and amusing diversions.
This musical presentation will bring the audience back to a time when life was simple, romance was in the air and the musical reigned supreme.
While cascading down the center stairs, to a rousing rendition of Come Rain or Come Shine”, this 5'11" beauty makes a stunning grand entrance reminiscent of the Golden Age of the Hollywood Starlet.
The performance will glide through 25 classic songs, keeping the audience glued to their seats, captivated in an atmosphere of nostalgia.

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